Thursday, September 12, 2013

New book on Virginia 1810 census out

Census books really don't excite me anymore. After all the census images are readily available on more than one subscription site. I touch them often. What kind of genealogist wouldn't? They are almost the first place that most of us go to figure a family out in broad terms. So why mention this book?

Because it is absolutely a gem. My reasons:

1) substitution of the personal property tax list information for eighteen counties
2) the author, John Vogt has been reading Virginia handwriting for a bout a hundred years (well not really, but you would think so) and reads it much better than a person paid to index so many names a second.
3) I can use this as finding aid to the census images
4) its page count to price ratio is not bad, over 400 pages
5) If you don't want the entire 1810 census index for Virginia (which includes West Virginia for those who forgot for just a moment) you can also get individual volumes at the county level.

The book:

by John Vogt. 2013, 8x10, xv, 392 pages. Paperback; printed on acid-free stock. $39.95

You can find this book on the Heritage Books website at:

You can find full information on the publisher's website here:

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